Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A surprise in the jungle

A ferocious monster now lurks in the dense jungles of Bangladesh, as Pakistanis, Indians and now South Africans can attest to. For decades, the beast that prowled the small Asian country, was too small to catch substantial prey. Its teeth were blunt and its fangs too short. But sometime in the last three months, this creature underwent a metamorphosis, changing into something far scarier.

Photo from http://nancynwilson.com/work-at-home

This beast has developed a greater appetite, as well as the means with which to catch and kill larger prey. Soon this new appetite will force the creature to go hunting overseas.

I am talking, of course, of an awakening in the Bangladesh cricket team. ODI series victories against Pakistan, India and South Africa are demonstrative of an ascension in the Tigers. Not only has the arrival of wonder-kids Mustafizur Rahman (in bowling) and Soumya Sarkar (in batting) bolstered the team, but every other player seems to be playing twice as well as he did before. The result is impressive.

No longer will Bangladesh be seen as the underdogs, or the easy win. International teams will have to completely rethink how they plan to beat the Tigers.

I will conclude with three questions:

- How long will this show of form last?
- Couldn't the Tigers have improved before the World Cup in February and March?
- Will they pick themselves up after an inevitable setback in the future?

Fans of the Tigers have much to celebrate at the moment. Photo from http://bangladeshcricket.com